Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) owns and operates AFGAMERS, Afghanistan’s first online gaming portal Founded by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman and CEO .

For almost two decades, Afghan Wireless has driven the rapid growth of our nation’s communications market, through its innovative development of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications, 4.75G+ Internet, and Mobile Payments Services. We are the only operator with a microwave and fiber optic backbone covering all the provinces.

We provide seamless highway coverage on all major highways which include – Kabul to Herat, Kabul to Mazar, Kabul to Turkham, Mazar to Herat, and Kabul to Faizabad.

Till date Afghan Wireless has invested over 500 million dollars and has played a key role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan by creating to over 6000 direct and over 100,000 indirect jobs.

Today we have over 5 million satisfied customers. We handle over 5.5 million calls every day and help millions of Afghans to connect to the world.

As the Afghan leader in mobile telephone, Afghan Wireless has had a longstanding commitment and legacy of leadership in acting responsibility and contributing to the growth & wellness of Afghans everywhere.

Our aim is to make innovation that creates fun and healthy environment for every person because this motivates us for higher and bigger steps towards better Afghanistan.

  • AWCC Drives innovation that makes Afghanistan connected to the world.
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