Call Of Duty: Review

The graphics look ok but the game mechanics are truly awful. A case of fighting off an unlimited amount of enemies until you hit the next check point which will in turn trigger another wave of unlimited enemies. I was playing one level where there were a series of small houses/barns that needed to be cleared with the aid of a gunship and a team of AI controlled SAS guys. Even though the houses were quite small you couldn’t just sit back and pick off the enemies as they would continue to re-spawn until hitting the check point. The gunship wouldn’t clear/destroy the houses and both the friendly and enemy controlled soldiers just seem to ignore each other.

Call of Duty has a soft spot in my heart for ‘No Russian’. The Battlefield series too. I remember playing Battlefield 1942 on the online multiplayer back in 2002 and being blown away by the extreme politically incorrectness of it all.

We had teams of Wehrmacht soldiers with names like “The Nazi Who Cared too much” destroying our T-34s with their Panzerschrecks.

A lesson in what a game should be. FUN! it’s captivating and addicting. Not the horror of its predecessor and perhaps a little arcade like but overlooked by the massive playability. Did I mention it’s ridiculously well optimized so even on relatively low hardware it runs great graphics at FPS other titles can only dream of. Oh and the level design is stunning.

Players fight against each other using a variety of realistic military-style weapons. Even with the smaller scale of mobile screens, there’s a fair amount of blood splatter. Other scenes of violence include burning opponents alive with flamethrowers and blowing them to pieces with grenades.

I always thought the CoD games were fun but awful online; too fast, too furious and populated by very angry teenagers. Also, I find the BF games have much better graphics. BF1 is still one of the only games that I sometimes find myself playing just to have a look around and marvel at the locations.

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