A Ballet of destruction and chaos mixed with brutal violence and fast paced combat. I remember playing the original doom games in my dads computer when I was younger and now as an adult I can say without a doubt that this reboot is fantastic. Being able to shred enemies and play through a decent story in a doom game has been a great experience. Doom (2016) is a must try for all FPS fans. Remember to “Rip and Tear”.

This is the most classic FPS video game series of all time, I love this game more than any other game.       This is not opinion, this is fact. Doom takes a place in my heart and im excited for the new game Doom Eternal.

If you play this, Have fun rip and tearing demons as the strongest video game character ive ever known! 10/10 Recommended from me.

Absolutely loved it from start to finish and I don’t even like first person shooter games. There’s no bs or gimmicks. You just kill demons with a variety of cool weapons. Highly recommend Doom and I’m anxiously waiting for Doom Eternal to come out in March.

I was getting bored with the slow-paced action offered by many games but this game took this to a whole new level, one of the most satisfying game I ever played. The glory kill system really did it’s magic to carry on the high pack action and with simple controls, the game really doesn’t let you leave it.

This game is amazing, literally helps you with your anger since your taking out on a bunch of demons. The Soundtrack by Mick Gordon has been the most terrific soundtrack I have heard from a video-game in a long time, and anybody who has the decency to turn off the music deserves jail time a maximum of 75 years.

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