Half Life 2: Deathmatch

About Half Life 2: Deathmatch

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Valve. Released on Steam on November 30, 2004, it uses many of the assets from Half-Life 2 and its Source engine. It features new levels, optimized for multiplayer arena play, and a few new weapons. Also included are portions of the game’s source code, which were the basis for many early Source-based multiplayer modifications. The game is the successor to the popular multiplayer component of the original Half-Life, but is offered as a separate product from Half-Life 2. Deathmatch, like Half-Life’s multiplayer, does not develop any part of the plot or story of the Half-Life series.


Deathmatch includes some notable features such as instant respawn; weapons that have specific spawn points; and special abilities (sprint, flashlight, etc.). The aim of the deathmatch is simple: the player must kill other players to score points. If the player accidentally self-kills, they lose points. If a player is killed, they will respawn with 100 health points and the default spawn weapons but will lose all the weapons and ammunition acquired before being killed.

The game is server-based and each server contains different rules for each round therefore there is no default time limit or kill limit for each round.

Team Deathmatch

In the team deathmatch mode, players are organized in two teams, Resistance and Combine, both of them with different characters that appear exactly as they do in Half-Life 2. In the gaming aspect, team deathmatch has almost the same rules as deathmatch mode, except for:

  • Instead of only one player winning the round, the team with the higher score wins.
  • If friendly fire is enabled, one point is deducted each time a teammate is killed.
  • If the player selected a Resistance model for his character, and they are taken to the Combine team, they will get a random model from the list of Combine models. Nevertheless, if the player dislikes that character, they are able to choose another one from the list.
  • If the teams are unbalanced, the team with fewer players won’t get players from the other team, (unless the server owner had ‘Auto-Balance’ enabled) instead, they will get new players connected to the server.
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