PUBG: Review

This game is best ever than free fire and has almost the same features as that of pubg mobile. I am not giving this game negative publicity but a few changes have to be happened in this game. First of all, I want to draw your attention about new characters. Yes, of course, to make more people to play this game new, handsome, beautiful characters have to come in this game. Also, the graphics of all-new characters must be enhanced as compared to the previous characters. Secondly, you have to give the game default tree finger control to make the new players realize how useful three fingers control is, as compared to the two-finger controls. The training sessions must be there in the game to make people’s help in improving their aim, especially sniping and also there must be a training round which can be skipped before our playing first match on our mobile phones—-This information is all for pubg mobile lite. I hope you will make these all changes in this game (PUBG Mobile Lite).

It was fantastic! The graphics, gameplay, and competition was great! You can join up as teams of 4, 2, or just roll solo. Gun physics are on dot, and many of them are actual guns, like you can purchase them! Also, the map is huge, with multiple places to hide, catch loot, and even join in fire fights. The best mobile game I have ever played. Go for it!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the military-sim gameplay popularized by games like ARMA and DayZ, boiled it down to its most exciting parts, and streamlined it into quick and accessible rounds of pure, hassle-free, survival-based action. Even though each game starts the same way, its remarkable ability to feel like a new, tense adventure each and every round has kept me coming back for hours on end.

Great game even on mobile. The sounds and movements are great. Weapon options are vast and many changeable options in regard to attachments. The map size is massive and it’s not over-cluttered like some COD games.It’s Really Good, extremely intense!!! and very fun while playing with friends, family members or any of your loved one, you could team up and fight or create a local match and play again each other and test for whose more dominant in the game, a real-time killer and action-packed.

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